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The Deep Space capsule will be integrated into a research spacecraft that will be launched from the historic Kennedy Space Center. The capsule will travel on an endless journey exploring deep space.

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Choose from one of our three missions. Whether you want your capsule to orbit the Earth, land on the Moon or drift into Deep Space we’ve got you covered. Simply pick a mission and start designing.


Send pictures, messages, wishes, greetings, memorials and more on a trackable journey through space. Our product generates ZERO space debris and is approved by the FAA. Our specially designed hard drive data capsules will be integrated inside the actual U.S. approved space mission vehicles.


When your capsule launches you’ll be able to track your capsule on it’s journey around the Earth, to the Moon, or even into Deep Space. We hope to expand our mission selection in the future. Hopefully, we’ll have a Mars mission in the near future.


A unique gift for birthday wishes, wedding pictures, memorials or simply for love.